Adams MD, Soares MB, Kerlavage AR, Fields C, Venter JC

Rapid cDNA sequencing (expressed sequence tags) from a directionally cloned human infant brain cDNA library.

Nature genetics. 1993-08-01; 4.4: 373-80.

A human infant brain cDNA library, made specifically for production of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) was evaluated by partial sequencing of over 1,600 clones. Advantages of this library, constructed for EST sequencing, include the use of directional cloning, size selection, very low numbers of mitochondrial and ribosomal transcripts, short polyA tails, few non-recombinants and a broad representation of transcripts. 37% of the clones were identified, based on matches to over 320 different genes in the public databases. Of these, two proteins similar to the Alzheimer's disease amyloid precursor protein were identified.

PMID: 8401585