Polymeropoulos MH, Xiao H, Sikela JM, Adams M, Venter JC, Merril CR

Chromosomal distribution of 320 genes from a brain cDNA library.

Nature genetics. 1993-08-01; 4.4: 381-6.

We have determined the chromosomal assignment of 320 brain expressed genes by studying the segregation of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) products in human rodent somatic cell hybrids and by genetically mapping polymorphic cDNAs using the CEPH (Centre d'Etude du Polymophisme Humaine) reference pedigrees and database. These mapped genes can function as markers on the physical map of the human genome, as well as serve as candidate disease gene loci. Distribution of these genes to the human chromosomes correlates well with the GC content of the chromosomes. However, the distribution of these genes does not correlate well with the cytogenetic length of each chromosome.

PMID: 8401586